What is a Chinese Conception Chart?

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Some people will do anything to choose the gender of their baby, including relying on suspect ancient lore. The Chinese Conception Chart, or Chinese Gender Chart is one such method that purports anywhere from 93% to 99% effectiveness rating for correctly choosing the gender of your child. The chart works by using the mother’s age at conception and the month in which she conceived to determine the gender of the baby. Modern science has taught us that gender selection really comes down to which sperm gets to the egg first, all a matter of luck and circumstance — or is it?

It’s harmless to turn to a fun activity like a Chinese conception chart to help you “plan” the sex or your baby. In reality, there’s no medical or scientific basis for claims that a Chinese gender chart will really work. Remember not to take it too seriously, or get your hopes up too much — even with modern science there are virtually no guaranteed methods of selecting the gender of your baby. The Chinese have been preoccupied with gender selection for millennia — they put a huge emphasis on male children, a fact that is apparent even today.

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The legend goes that the original Chinese conception chart, which is now on display at the Beijing Institute of Science, was stashed in a tomb near Beijing for approximately 700 years. Nearly a thousand years of women have used this chart, some seriously and others in fun. This incredulous writer can attest that she became a little bit of a believer when all three of her children matched perfectly. Still, with a 50-50 chance of being correct, it doesn’t prove anything.

You can easily find a Chinese conception chart or Chinese gender chart by running a Google® search. You can either search by your age at conception, and the site will return results for which month would be the best for either a boy or girl, or look at a table chart, and using your current age, and month of conception determine if you will have a boy or girl. According to the chart, if you conceive in July at age 18, 20, 30 or 42, you have the best chance of having a boy. If you want a girl, and you’re 21, 22 or 29, April is the best month for conception.

Remember, a Chinese conception chart is just good fun — take the results with a grain of salt.

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