Pregnancy Weight Gain

pregnancy weight gain

Pregnancy weight gain is one of those unavoidable aspects of having a baby. For those women who anticipate those extra pounds with fear and dread, the reality is that you just have to accept it — and do the best you can to gain the weight in a healthy, moderate manner. While nobody wants to tell a pregnant woman that they’re gaining too much weight, the reality is that putting on those extra lbs now will make taking them off later much more difficult.

pregnant woman sitting on a bed

Although you are “eating for two,” you only have to increase your calories by about 200-300 per day. Anything more will likely go straight to your thighs than your baby. In general, doctors recommend the following for a healthy pregnancy weight gain:

  • Underweight (below 18.5 BMI): 28 to 40 pounds (12.7- 18.14 kg)
  • Healthy Weight (18.5)

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