Pregnancy Dreams

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Just as with our regular dreams, pregnancy dreams can be vivid, insightful, bizarre and even prophetic. While we all struggle with self doubt, insecurity and anxiety, pregnancy is a time where all these emotions are compounded due to the anticipation of a new baby and all those extra hormones. Women who may have not had particularly vivid dreams, or dreams that were even memorable, may have extremely memorable dreams during their pregnancy. Fear, anticipation, and uncertainty of the new, unconquered front of pregnancy and parenthood leave their mark on your dream life.

In the first trimester, most women are just getting adjusted to a new life developing within them — common early pregnancy dreams often include symbols such as water, large buildings and giving birth. Many women dream of large buildings or skyscrapers, representing the expanding body that houses their growing child. Buildings may even be factories where things are created and built — just as the mother is “building” her own child inside. Pregnant women may also dream of driving large, unwieldy vehicles, much like their body, which becomes more uncomfortable and awkward by the day. Water dreams are symbolic of life, and of the growing amniotic fluid in her womb which nurtures her child.

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As your pregnancy progresses, you may switch your focus to new worries and concerns. You may begin to worry about your future connection with your child, and dream of baby creatures which may be scary, lovable or cute. How you perceive the baby animal in your dream may reflect your anxiety about how scared you are of connecting with your baby. Many women become insecure about their bodies as the pregnancy starts showing more in the second trimester. You may dream of your fears that your husband will still love and desire you. You may also dream of ex lovers and have some fairly erotic pregnancy dreams, possibly compensating for the love and acceptance you desire during your pregnancy.

No matter how committed the relationship is, many women may subconsciously fear being left alone with a new baby. Her insecurity about the father’s commitment may be manifested in dreams where she is left to carry luggage, or take a trip by herself. Many women also dream of arriving at a destination wholly unprepared, without luggage, clothes, money, etc. These types of dreams may reflect a pregnant woman’s fears of being unprepared emotionally, physically and financially for a new baby.

Some pregnancy dreams can be full of premonitions concerning a baby’s name, gender and appearance. Women are correct about the baby’s gender from their dreams about 50% of the times, which aren’t particularly good odds. However, these dreams where the pregnant mom sees her child’s face, or chooses her baby’s name are particularly powerful and memorable. Seeing her baby’s face happens less often — about 15% of the time — but many of these dreams are uncannily correct in truly reflecting what the baby will look like.

As the baby’s due date nears, pregnancy dreams often reflect fears of the unknown, particularly for new mothers. Many dreams also have themes of waiting and anticipation, and others deal with a new parent taking responsibility for a new baby.

Keeping track of your pregnancy dreams in a pregnancy or dream journal can be a fun way to monitor the progression of your fears and anxieties through your nighttime imaginings. Discuss your dreams with your husband, friends and family to help you get to the bottom of what they mean. If you have dreams that frighten or worry you, don’t hesitate to mention them to your doctor — your body may be trying to tell you something.

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