Finding or Starting a Mom’s Group

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Motherhood is all at once, a unique and universal state of being — unique, because every mom’s situation is different, and universal because most moms can relate to each other, even if they are in a different social or economic status, age group or career. Moms tend to seek each other out on playgrounds, elementary schools, the workplace, in church and even in grocery stores. While you may have a whole network of friends who you enjoy connecting with on a regular basis, a change in your life such as pregnancy or relocation may mean that you need to find some new women to connect with. While some lucky women find a mom’s group that meets their needs without looking too far, others may have to take it upon themselves to start their own mom’s group — one that meets their unique needs.

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A good place to start looking for a mom’s group is on the internet. The internet has become a veritable bulletin board for people to post their needs to a much wider audience. If you’re relocating, you can search for a mom’s group in your new town. If you’re newly pregnant, or looking for a playgroup or mom’s group, this can also be a good place to start. Ask at your obstetrician’s office if they have a bulletin board for moms to connect, or if they know of any good mom’s groups. Your church may also be a good place to find a mom’s group, as well. If you’re outgoing, hang out at the park or playground and ask moms there — you may just make some new friends!

If you have trouble finding an existing mom’s group, you may have to form your own. This may be easier if you’re forming one in a town where you already know people. Send out an email to all your contacts and let them know that you’re forming a mom’s group — ask them to pass the message along to other women who may be interested in joining.

two pregnant women

If you’re in a new town, you may have to do a little more legwork. Start with determining what type of mom’s group you’d like to have. Will it be a group for just moms, or a combination playgroup and mom’s group? Will it cater to stay at home or working moms? Is it for pregnant moms, or moms with small children? If you start a pregnant mom’s group, then inevitably, it will evolve into a playgroup with benefits! You may choose to form a mom’s group on a very specific basis, such as moms of multiples or a dinner or shopping group. You may even want to start a group simply based on pampering — you can do monthly pedicures together followed by dinner!

Determine where, how often and when the members will meet. Will there be membership fees included? Will membership be limited, or open to new friends? Once you’ve determined all the details, you’ll have to get the word out. if you’re internet savvy, you can post online, or go to your local bookstore, grocery store or anywhere else that may allow public postings. If you have children in school, talk to other moms there. Church is a good place to find women for a mom’s group as well.

If you’d like a little help and guidance in starting your own mom’s group, there are national mom’s groups that can help you start local chapters. MomsClub, Mothers & More and MOMS (Mothers Offering Mothers Support) are all good places to get started in either finding a local mom’s group or starting your own.

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